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Riding Haylee's Comet: New House

Thursday, July 8, 2010

New House

When we moved to Madison, Brandon had only been here once for his interview. The rest of us had never even been close. We contemplated trying to find a place to live from afar, but since this strategy had put us in some places we didn't really want to live in previous moves we decided against it. Fortunately, as part of our moving package Epic would put us up in an extended stay hotel for up to two weeks.

Them main problem was that we didn't want to have to move all of our stuff into a storage facility for two weeks; then move it into our house. We arrived in Madison on May 30. Our moving truck reservation allowed us to keep the truck until June 2. That gave us three days to find somewhere to live. We toured several apartments and town homes. The pickings for immediate move in were a little slim, but we found a place we wanted to rent. After some confusion with the property management company about which homes were actually available, and which place we were actually renting, we got everything set and moved our stuff in on June 3. Lucky for us Penske didn't even charge us for the extra day.

So far we have really liked our new house. It is a end unit town home in south west Madison. There are three bedrooms, two and a half baths, formal dining (which we just use for a playing), and it even has an unfinished basement. The location is awesome. Only a couple minutes from Epic, close to shopping and church, and right across the street from the school JT will attend in the fall. We are finally pretty much settled and really enjoying our new adventures here in Wisconsin. Here are a few pictures.
View from the sidewalk in front of the house.

Living Room.

Kitchen and Breakfast nook. It is not my favorite of the kitchens that I have had, but definitely not my least favorite either.

Haylee's half of the kids' room.

JT's half of their room.

I asked JT to make his bed because I was going to take a picture for the blog. He was so proud of his work that he wanted a close up picture of his work to make it onto the blog.

Our basement with plenty of storage.


  1. It's super nice, Tonya! I'm jealous of the basement storage.

    By the way, are those PVC pipe chairs for the kiddos? Did you make them? Adorable with the initial on them!

  2. They are totally PVC pipe chairs. Mom and I made them when she came for Christmas last year.

  3. ok yeah! i guess its been too long since i've checked. Mitch has been asking to skype JT weekly since the move. i keep making excuses so, maybe i'll just let him call him this week sometime. glad you are getting settled. i know it can't possibly be as great as living in the heat by us but, glad you're enjoying it.