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Riding Haylee's Comet: July 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009


I finally started a blog. I guess all the researching I've been doing on Web2.0 applications finally pushed me over the edge. I guess I never saw the point of a blog. Why would anybody be interested in what I have to write about? However, even though I don't expect anyone to care, I think keeping a blog will benefit me a lot.

Thus far 2009 has proven to be quite a year of change and stress for our family. We started out the year with Tonya losing her job. A couple months later my Grandma died. During that same time I applied for the MSIM program at ASU and got in (I still don't know how that happened). A huge change was when we were blessed with Haylee. She is such a special spirit and we are so lucky to have her in our family.

Just recently we moved to Queen Creek to shorten the commute for me to ASU. What was supposed to be a relatively easy move turned into a disastrous one. We signed all of the papers to sell our house in Yuma, the buyers supposedly said they wired the money to the escrow account, and we moved out. A couple days later we found out the buyers had no money. Later we learned the husband of the buying couple has been living a lie since the couple got married six months ago. He's been lying to his wife and everyone else about having a job and money. Now we are stuck with a lease and mortgage and frantically trying to sell our house again.

So join us on our wild adventures and jump aboard Haylee's comet. However, here's to hoping the ride through the 2nd half of 2009 is a little more calm.